About Shine Studios

Shine Studios, located at 119 Pamilla Street (west of Preston), is the headquarters of the Shine Group, as well as the rehearsal and recording space used by Shine’s bands and classes. The goal of Shine Studios is to make high-quality recording facilities available to musicians of all levels of experience.

Shine Studios uses a hybrid (digital/analog) recording system, combining the flexibility and convenience of digital recording with the classic sound of analog. Click here for detailed descriptions of our studio rooms and equipment.

Studio Rates
  • Booth: $10/hour
  • Studio A: $25/hour (cover bands)
  • Studio A: $10/hour (original music and jazz groups)
  • Studio B: $25/hour*
  • Studio C: $25/hour*
  • Engineer: $25/hour

*Studio B and C are complimentary when Studio A and Booth are booked together.

For more information on rates, please contact us.

Studio Use Guidelines
  • Shine is a federally registered charity based on cooperative, community effort and dedicated to music education, performance and production.
  • Shine’s rates are kept reasonable and 24/7 access is available to encourage original music production and studio access to a wide a segment of the community.
  • Scheduling preference is given to artists creating original music and artists or groups embarking on charitable activities in the community.
  • Respect for the studio as a facility and a shared community resource is paramount.
  • Musicians and/or engineers are responsible for leaving the studio at a standard outlined by the studio curator; the studio curator may request an alternate setup depending on what the studio is to be used for next. A clean up charge may be levied if this is not done.
  • All scheduling requests, rate exemption requests and bulk rates for individuals and groups must be discussed with the curator.
  • Negotiating for a bulk rate for studio access is possible. The following factors will be taken into account when a bulk rate is requested: original music production, times and number of hours, the history of the client with Shine and the needs of other clients.
Our Location: 119 Pamilla Street

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