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Studio A

Studio A houses a drum set, amplifiers, an acoustic piano, music stands, a mixer, microphones etc.This is the most heavily used room at Shine, it is set up for full band rehearsal, live off the floor recording, and is used for all types of tracking especially Drums and Grand Piano.

Studio C

Studio C is a multi use room equipped with Cubase 6 and Pro-tools 10 for editing and stereo tracking. It is equipped with:

  • Universal Audio DCS transient stereo mic preamp
  • Aurora 16 ADDA converter
  • Roland RD-700 midi keyboard with interface
  • Internet
  • Cable tuner
  • B & W Reference monitors.

It is sonically conditioned to house horn sections, acoustic guitars, isolated drum sets and isolated amplified instruments. Note: For larger scale recordings such as big band recordings, or virtual live off the floor recordings where separation and a live feel is desired, notice is needed and consultation is preferred to meet the specific requirements of the Shine member or client. Studio C can also be prepared as lodging for an artist in residence or Shine member guest.

Studio B

Studio B is a small, dead room excellent for tracking vocals or for one or two acoustic instruments, such as a lone horn or any type of guitar. It is also used to to rehearse two people comfortably or to record when the desired sonic environment is a completely dead sound.

The Booth

The Booth is the hub for all the inputs in Studio A, Studio B and Studio C, and is the centre for the returns in each studio room. The Booth handles up to 32 preamps, is equipped with:

  • SSL Alpha Logic ADDA converter
  • Neve 8816 Summing mixer
  • Daking 4 Channel preamp
  • Shadow Hills Quad 4 Channel preamp
  • UA 710 Stereo tube preamp
  • Joe Meek Stereo preamp
  • Focusrite Octopre 8 channels
  • an external preamp expansion bay ideal for an API Lunchbox expansio

Shine has excellent preamp resources, and mics should the above not suffice including:

  • Robert Neve
  • Millenia
  • SSL (remote kit)
  • API lunch box boutique preamps, compressors, limiters and other outboard gear.




Shine’s in house every day working mics include:

Large diaphragm condensor and Ribbon Mics

  • Neumann U 87
  • Telefunken AR 51
  • Gefell 390s (Matched)
  • Royer SF1 (Matched Ribbons)
  • AKG 414s
  • Access to custom mics from Studio Economik (Montreal)

Dynamic Cardioid Microphones

  • Shure SM 57s
  • Shure SM 58s
  • Shure Beta 52s,
  • Shure SM 7s
  • Sennheiser 421s
  • Sennheiser 441s
  • Electrovoice RE 20

If none of these mics is right for your project, we can get others for you, including:

  • Royer and RCA Ribbon mics,
  • Neumann U47, U67
  • AKG and Geffel small diaphragm condenser mics.



Platforms and Software

Shine is equipped to track on Cubase 6, Protools 10, Logic Pro, Adobe Premier or even Garageband on both PC and Mac platforms. Shine prides itself on keeping its tracking computers up to date and current and houses the latest updates in RTAS and VST plugins from the following developers:

  • Oxford
  • Native Instruments
  • Waves
  • Melodyne (Celemony)
  • Sonnox
  • SSL
  • Finale 2015
  • and other commonly used plugins


Drum sets available include,

  • Sonor 9000 5 piece kit with 22” kick and 12,13, and 16 inch toms
  • Ddrum kit with 18” by 22” kick, and 12 and 14 inch toms
  • Yamaha Manu Kache kit with 16 “ kick and 10 and 14 inch toms and a 12 inch snare;
  • 1966 Ludwig Supraphonic
  • a variety of cymbals including 1979 KZs that were recovered from a fire and sound amazing.
  • Zildjan A Custom Hi Hats chosen for the timbre at low volumes to avoid bleed when desired.